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CDD 20-21

The Maui Arts and Cultural Center is bridging CanDo! Day lessons with Social Emotional Learning and Culturally Responsive teaching. This year the Teaching Artists Institute has a special focus on SEL rooted in culture. The CanDo! Day lessons provide an opportunity to guide Hawaiʻi’s keiki in bridging social emotional learning, culturally relevant pedagogy, and arts integration. The Teaching Artists will offer creative lessons to inspire, encourage and invigorate students to make connections between art, SEL, and culture. As quoted by one of this year’s TA’s, the educational lessons and learnings focus on “the heart and soul of students and teachers in our discovery of ourselves”.

Our lessons this year were supported by many different cultural and artistic consultants and inspired by the text ʻOhana Means Family.

Step 1- Registration

Due to Covid-19, Beginning February 1st, 2021 CanDo! Days will be offered virtually this year. All classes will be delivered online via Vimeo and be available for a 5 day period per grade/school. Schools have the option to express interest for one grade, multiple grades, or an entire school.

Much like our in-person program, each grade will experience four (4) different art forms, Dance & Movement, Drama & Theater, Visual Arts & Music & Rhythm. Each interactive video is 15-20 minutes in length and and will be available for one week. During your reserved week a password will be emailed, Teachers/Administrators are welcome to share the password with your grade/students for viewing access.

Step 2- During your scheduled week, check your email for the password

Preparation & Supplies

Lessons are designed to use what students have access to, based on typical school supply lists. For a list of each grade’s supply needs, click here.

Step 3- Select Location (& Step 4)

After you’ve completed registration, check your email during the week of your approved CanDo! Day. It will contain a passcode which you will insert after you’ve selected your schools location below.

Step 5- Feedback & Sharing Artwork


When you have completed your week of viewing access, please help us improve by filling out our evaluation form. This will greatly help us create future lessons more tailored to your students needs and interests.

Share your artwork!

Dont keep that hard work hidden! We would love to see what you or your students have created. Share your photos or videos through the form below!

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email us at


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